Anticipation of Star Trek (the game)

Just preordered Star Trek for XBOX 360, super excited! Got asked if my husband was looking forward to it, but I calmly said that we both are and then discussed the merits of Voyager and at what season DS9 gets awesome.

My gaming style is more RPG, turn-based, strategy, and the most actiony I play is Mass Effect. That of course does not count the years playing FPS such as Goldeneye and Halo 4 vs 4 in my friend’s basement on LAN connected CRT TVs, but these days I prefer more RPG-style games.

That said, I’m really looking forward to this game because I LOVE Star Trek*, hate MMOs and I can play it cooperatively with my husband. Of course he’ll be playing the stealthy Spock and I’ll be the action heavy Kirk. I wish I could play stealthy characters like rangers but since Dragon Age, I learned quickly I function a lot better as a warrior-style soldier.

Anyway, super excited about the game, assumptions about me not being the one excited about it notwithstanding (awkward sentence alert!) and you can bet I will be talking about it here next weekend.

*Saying I love Star Trek doesn’t even begin to describe the vast fields of love I feel for this wonderful franchise and all the happiness it has brought me.

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