Star Trek Into Darkness Review – SPOILERS

Well, it’s finally out. I have restrained from posting this until the film was out in the United States, but it has been SO hard to keep from talking about it!

That said, spoilers are obviously going to follow.

Proceed with caution! You have been warned

Proceed with caution! You have been warned

Hopefully all who are left are ones who have seen it. Ready? Here we go.

When I first heard about this films and rumours started spreading that the villain was Khan, part of me was disappointed. I did not want to accept that. How could you dare remake Wrath of Khan?! It is pretty much one of the greatest science fiction films ever, and yes, I still cry at the ending, but I have an unhealthy devotion to Spock. So I felt that trying to remake this wonderful film would undo all of the reverence and respect and fun from the first outing of the new crew.

Oh, how wrong was I.

First of all, I was clearly blind to Benedict Cumberbatch being Khan. If you had to pick one actor to play a genetically altered superhuman, surely Benedict Cumberbatch fits the bill. Duh doi. [I should mention, I do not watch Sherlock and this is the first proper outing of Cumberbatch I’ve seen. I was impressed].

Second, as soon as it was revealed that we were facing Khan, part of my brain was like ‘Oh shit, they’re going to try and do Khhhaaaaaaaaaan!’ and it’ll be awkward and horrible, because while Wrath of Khan started it, it’s surely one of the most parodied and mocked moments in film, ever. How on earth were they going to do it well? Again, my fears were unfounded, but more on that later.

The reveal of Harrison/Khan at the beginning of the film was fantastic, and it’s clear why the makers of this film put so much hype on who Cumberbatch was playing. They did this on purpose, because if they hadn’t, that moment when the man asks ‘Who are you?’ and they zoom in on Cumberbatch would have felt a bit flat and pointless, but I found myself involuntarily leaning towards the screen with anticipation only to be rejected.

Additionally, I was pleased to see all of the callbacks to the Original Series. Recognising Christine Chapel was a particularly proud moment for me. I loved the ‘new’ Klingons, with totally badass bat’leths and it was great seeing Uhura do some translating (love me some Klingonese).



  • The plot. Nice twists, cool characters and great villain(s)… seriously, skull crushing was amazing.
  • The cast. Great to see them all back and being their badass selves.
  • Leonard Nimoy cameo. Though they’re treading the line, if he’s in the next one, he has to be in ALL OF THEM
  • Khan as the villain. Said before, I was sceptical of how it would work. Totally did.
  • Chris Pine’s morph into Shatner. Seriously, how uncanny was it? Kudos for that extra little jowliness Mr Pine; it worked well.
  • The dialogue: “Wait, are you and Spock fighting? What is that even LIKE?”
  • The alternate universe switcheroo. Fantastic.
  • Everything. If I keep going, I will not get any work done today


  • Carol Marcus in her bra and pants. Totally threw me out of my happy Star Trek Universe with a resounding, What. The. Fuck?! It just was jarring.


9.9/10 – though I was always going to give it at least 7. I am just impressed with Khan and the alternate story line and the respect they continue to give to the Original Series.

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