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5 Things Challenge

I always tell myself to blog more, but can never find time, which I guess is the difference between a good blogger and a bad blogger, but whatever. Anyway, I stumbled on my friend’s blog From the Crow’s Beak where she … Continue reading

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Welcome to Quarks!

My office needed a new sign, especially to identify it to my students, so this is what I made. Thankfully, I have awesome office-mates, and students should have no problem identifying my door now! Click to appreciate the full beauty:

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George Osborne is … … …out of touch

I wanted to say meaner things about him, but I’m afraid of libel laws and various online laws regarding what you say in this country, so all I want to say is that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about … Continue reading

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Wanting to be DeGrasse: my Mass Effect disappointment

Late last year, I was invited to be interviewed on GameSpot UK’s “What If Machine” discussing space travel in Mass Effect. So excited, right? I can finally call myself ‘Dr’ and I get to be interviewed on a popular webseries … Continue reading

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Hello World

Hi! My name is Erin and this is where I will share with anyone who wants to listen, my opinions thoughts and ideas. I’ve started this blog from scratch, because I abandoned my old one and am wracked with guilt. … Continue reading

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