Hello World

Hi! My name is Erin and this is where I will share with anyone who wants to listen, my opinions thoughts and ideas. I’ve started this blog from scratch, because I abandoned my old one and am wracked with guilt. It also wasn’t really going in the direction I wanted. A couple of my posts from that blog were fairly popular, and I’ve linked them here if you happen to be interested:

Sex and Math: You Can Integrate My Curves Any Day

Alan Rickman and Me

So, would you like to know something about me? There is both too much and not enough to tell, so you might just have to read more. I’m a physicist, Ph.D. and everything, but that doesn’t really define me. I grew up in Colorado, moved to Scotland when I was 22, got married last year and am now working in Wales. I’m an atheist, a liberal, a skeptic, a gamer, a trekkie, a nerd, a geek, and everything around and in-between. Don’t worry, you’ll catch on soon enough. Welcome!


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